About Us


Skyllen Pacific is a multi-disciplinary real estate development firm based in Vancouver.

Since 2008, Skyllen Pacific has been active throughout Metro Vancouver observing market needs and acquiring lands in strategic parts of the region. With over thirty years of practiced expertise spanning across two continents, the Skyllen Group is committed to exceeding Vancouver’s real estate development goals with quality homes that prioritize revolutionary design and thoughtful functionality.


Skyllen Pacific is inspired by the evolving interpretations of urbanity and sustainability emerging from recent cityscapes.

Valuing responsible investment, Skyllen champions sustainable practices during the development process to improve local infrastructure and public spaces.


Every Skyllen Pacific project involves thoughtful collaboration between project context and contemporary design.

Engaging experienced industry professionals, Skyllen leverages progressive research and development methods to propel creative solutions into high-quality results.


An enriched life stems from innovative planning and design.

Skyllen works with clients to transform ideas into elevated reality. The firm’s dedication to early blueprinting sets the template for innovation, leading to conscientiously planned projects that radiate eminent design and modern experience.


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